Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vegeta Redesign

Vegeta / Adobe Photoshop CS4 / Intuos3

This is my entry for's Character Redesign Battle : Vegeta of Dragon Ball fame

I have always been a fan of Dragon Ball (except for the terrible movie adaptation) so I guess joining the battle would be a blast. I wanted to portray Vegeta as close to real life as I can without the anti-gravity coiffure, making him into a stone-cold Super Saiyan space invader.


just for laughs, I posted a spoof version for the forum entitled "McVegeta"
And here's why:

Original Majin symbol tattoo



Adijin said...

Sangat cool!


froggypapa said...

Salam bro!
Vegeta mu mmg bergeta sungguh!

ko ingat tak aku yg dok lepak kat booth kau dgn tangh aritu kat pwtc.aku dok soal ko byk tuh..hahaha..

Zool said...

Mekasih sifu aadisalman... Tp hamba tak layan AF. :P

Froggypapa, aku masih lagi ingat. Haha! Thanks for visiting!