Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mass Update!

Let's start off with some quite recent illustrations I did for PTS Publications. Some of these are already published. Oh, and artists are not allowed to sign on their own artwork or it'll just get removed in the final output. Bummer.

TwinX #3

Landasan Maut


Things have not been going smoothly for the past few weeks. To be honest, it hadn't been going well at all.

Let me break it down:

1. Right Hand Of Doomed

     I accidentally slammed a door shut on my right hand. My fingers were bleeding, bruised and swelled up.  It kept me off the drawing board and wacom for about a week.  It was frustrating for me and a massive disappointment for my clients and employer.  It still hurts till today.

2. Hard Disk Malfunction

     My hard disk broke down. Lost some important files exactly at the brink of deadlines. I almost gave up drawing since this is the third hard disk I bought. The last two failed me completely. Fortunately, the third hard disk was able to pull out most of the data (after 4 days of continuous attempt). I managed to copy most of the files. That was a relief. Although some files were corrupted, I'm just happy it didn't all dissappear like last time. But I did lose all of the movies I've downloaded when one of the partition just stopped working. So I had no choice but to format the damn partition.  With my current financial situation, I was heavy-hearted to withdraw cash to buy myself a new hard disk. But I did, plus I upgraded my CPU's RAM from a 2GB to a 4GB. I also bought myself a new set of wireless keyboard and mouse since the previous one was acting up. 

3.  Car Accident

Front bumper fell off. All the brackets were torn off.

Got hit by this idiot

Traded paint

Nude front end

An idiot lady driver hit my car early in the morning.  The roads were jammed as usual, she thought it would be clever to drive pass the long queue and swerve in at the end of the junction (like most stupid KL drivers do), I was at the end of that junction and she persisted of cutting in front of me. It pissed me off for the rest of the day.Thank god it's the fasting month or I'd whoop her ass. 

Oh, well, I'm hoping to get a new set of URAS bodykit and new paint to get me smiling again. :)

Happy fasting to all muslims.