Monday, April 12, 2010

Good Day vs. Bad Day

Broken glass

After my job interview at Batu Caves, which, by the way, went pretty well :), I decided to stop by Petronas Karak to fill up my tank and also to grab a bite at the Burger King nextdoor since I was hungry and didn't have anything to eat for breakfast and lunch. 

So, after I filled up my tank, I parked my car right in front of Burger King. While I was eating happily, some idiots broke into my car! They smashed my window and stole my bag and my Apex'i EL2 boost meter. Inside my bag was my faulty Sony digital camera, my old sketchbook, my NEW sketchbook, and also my stationery bag full of expensive drawing tools which I really treasure.

Ironically, I never had a chance to draw anything in my new sketchbook. I'm just glad that my car is safe and nobody got hurt except for my broken heart & window. Now I need to replace the window ASAP before the whole car gets stolen. *sighs*


Adijin said...

Jahanam sungguh pencurik tu!

Anonymous said...

hmm...ujian tuhan kot..sabar la bro..xpela..xd rezeki la tu...biarla dia curi barang ko kt dunia ni..xbsk lusa..Tuhan ganti blk brg ko dgn ssuatu + org yg curi tu pun dpt gak balasannya nnt..apa2pun janji ko slamat+keta tu..wooo..jgn la dihilangkan ^^ -hery nasir

roshfaizal said...

adoi.... takziah bro. aku pon penah kena... pengajarannya, tinggalkan beg dlm keter bukan idea yg bagus walaupon keter depan mata.

Mohd. Fahmy b. Mohd Hashim said...

sunnguh jahanam perampok itu.. dh aku sesungguhnya tak menyangka yg ko seorg drifter zool... huhuhu. respect!