Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hometown Vacation

After my car was robbed, I didn't manage to find a replacement window on the same day since I'm using a Nissan 180sx which is pretty rare here in Malaysia. And finding parts for the legendary car can be quite a chore sometimes. Parking the car in the city without a window is way too risky. So, I decided to go back to my hometown in Seri Manjung, Perak (which is about 4 hours drive) until my friends at Drift House manage to find me a window. My folks' house is a gated bungalow and I'm sure my car would be safe and I'll have peace of mind. Luckily, Drift House called me up a few days later with good news. They've found me a window! 

In the meantime, I met up with some Manjung drifters and decided to join them for a drift event in Kampar, Perak. We gathered at a workshop in Lekir before we head off to the drift tournament. It was a VERY hot day. I couldn't stop sweating!

The convoy to Kampar was great! We had about 24 drift cars (I think) which made it a pretty amazing sight. Our team (Manjung Drift Team) manage to get 3rd place in the overall drift / autokhana time attack. I didn't take part though! I was just there to support and help them change their tires. LOL  Since I didn't bring along my drift rims, all I could do was watch and yell.

Manjung Drifters gathering at Lekir

My friend's Toyota GL drift machine

Spectators waiting to be entertained

One of the competitors warming up

Oh, this is my cat, Biby, which was not harmed in any way during 
the drifting tournament. She's just sleeping in a weird position!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vegeta Redesign

Vegeta / Adobe Photoshop CS4 / Intuos3

This is my entry for's Character Redesign Battle : Vegeta of Dragon Ball fame

I have always been a fan of Dragon Ball (except for the terrible movie adaptation) so I guess joining the battle would be a blast. I wanted to portray Vegeta as close to real life as I can without the anti-gravity coiffure, making him into a stone-cold Super Saiyan space invader.


just for laughs, I posted a spoof version for the forum entitled "McVegeta"
And here's why:

Original Majin symbol tattoo


Monday, April 12, 2010

Good Day vs. Bad Day

Broken glass

After my job interview at Batu Caves, which, by the way, went pretty well :), I decided to stop by Petronas Karak to fill up my tank and also to grab a bite at the Burger King nextdoor since I was hungry and didn't have anything to eat for breakfast and lunch. 

So, after I filled up my tank, I parked my car right in front of Burger King. While I was eating happily, some idiots broke into my car! They smashed my window and stole my bag and my Apex'i EL2 boost meter. Inside my bag was my faulty Sony digital camera, my old sketchbook, my NEW sketchbook, and also my stationery bag full of expensive drawing tools which I really treasure.

Ironically, I never had a chance to draw anything in my new sketchbook. I'm just glad that my car is safe and nobody got hurt except for my broken heart & window. Now I need to replace the window ASAP before the whole car gets stolen. *sighs*

New Sketchbook

Went out yesterday to KLCC for some shopping. We stopped by Kinokuniya Bookstore and my girlfriend bought me this:

A new sketchbook!

She even wrote me an introduction

Just for the sake of memories. How sweet of her

Thank you so very much, dear. I love it!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Study / Pen on paper / 15 x 21cm

Study / Pen & watercolor markers on paper / 15 x 21cm

Study / Pen & watercolor markers on paper / 15 x 21cm

Study / Pen on paper / 15 x 21cm 

Mystic Rural WIP Screenshot

Mystic Rural  / Adobe Photoshop CS4 / Intuos 3

Suddenly I decided to try and paint this particular piece.  
Painted over my original sketch.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I now have a '' which I would consider a BIG change even for me. Ever since I stopped blogging at my LiveJournal account, I found life, staggering as it is, needed to be shared and told. But sadly, I never managed to put it on record. I don't keep a diary or carry a camera around me often to capture such moments.

Let's just hope that I can keep this up.

Here's to start off this blog:

Mystic Rural / Pencil on paper / 15 X 21 cm